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Why .Life

The heart of evidence-based therapeutic techniques is closing the gap between our actions and values. When there’s a gap between what we do and what matters to us, we find ourselves discontent and unsatisfied. We suffer in that gap. We want more. We crave meaning.

When we close the gap by aligning what we do with what’s important to us, we are filled with a sense of vitality. We feel free, content, and purposeful when we do meaningful stuff.  All is well in our souls. Aligning what we choose to do with what is important to us is the key to living a life that feels meaningful and satisfying.

Our values influence what we find meaningful.  They are the guiding force behind our beliefs, actions, and decisions.  They dictate how we treat others and ourselves.  They are the essence of our being. Unfortunately, our values can exist within us as vague notions without much clarity.   Identifying what we truly value takes time, honesty, and self-awareness.  But that’s only the first step of the process. Then we need a commitment to put these values into practice. At times, it can be arduous, but with clarity and dedication to our values, we experience more meaningful moments. When we string together many meaningful moments, we get meaningful lives.

 .Life is designed to help all of us create space in our lives to experience more meaningful moments. .Life assists us in pinpointing our personal values and recognizing activities that drain our lifeforce. Life will guide you through the process of shedding activities and behaviors that do not serve your larger purpose. As a result, we are free to do the things we deeply care about. .

Living a values-driven lifestyle does not guarantee that our lives will be easy, but it does mean our hardships will have meaning and purpose.  We cannot promise happiness, but we can promise a life worth living.